The cold-hearted CEO

The cold-hearted CEO

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Full Name By greyjam69 Updated Mar 27, 2016


Henry Logan is the CEO of Chateu and Real Estate Inc. who owns 5 hotels in different branches of the entire USA and two prestigious resorts in California and Massachusetts. He is hot, sexy, dominant and cold-hearted. Because of his hangover due to last night, before going to his office he stopped by Grey's coffee shop to buy breakfast and coffee.Waiting impatiently when it was his turn to be served he ordered his favorite coffee hot Java chip and his favorite breakfast tuna and bacon sandwich, walking towards the door his phone beeped he read the message and cursed

shit!!I'm very late for the meeting

walking hurriedly he suddenly bumped into someone and spilled his coffee on his favorite shirt

WTF! he shouted he looked at his shirt and traced his gaze to the person who spilled his coffee.

I I'm very sorry sir I was running hurriedly since I'm very late for work I did not look where I was going I'm very much sorry I'll pay for your shirt sir... then Henry scrutinized her w...

jfhffddnjjgf jfhffddnjjgf Jul 09, 2016
When are u going to update because ur story is great like hell. ..😊😊😊