♞ Claiming His Filly ♞( Complete )

♞ Claiming His Filly ♞( Complete )

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Hael Butcher By BombcheleBooks Completed


♞Hutch Brother's Book 1♞

“The past doesn't matter honey, it only helped me to know your worth. The fact is I got hurt on this last run and decided I was tired of waiting, I decided it was time to come home and claim my little filly.” He said with a smile on his face and Myley looked up at the nickname and smiled back.

Licking the inside of her top lip before sinking his tongue deeper and rubbing it against hers. Timidly and very slow at first Myley followed his tongue as he retreated, “Hmm, baby you taste like pure wild honey.” He moaned before leaning back in and giving her what her hungry little mouth was seeking by running his tongue back over hers.

Emipepe Emipepe Dec 09, 2015
The feeling you get when you know you're going to love a book.
XxLiKeaDuDexX XxLiKeaDuDexX Jul 25, 2013
Easily one of my most favorite books i've ever read on Wattpad lol <3
LipsSealedShut LipsSealedShut May 06, 2013
Swoon.. 'Alpha Male' material right there. I have to admit though, the title made me laugh because of how cheesy it is :) But I haven't read about sexy cowboys in a while so I am giving it a go.
BombcheleBooks BombcheleBooks Apr 15, 2013
@kimbasue79 Honestly, Gather some pics you thinks will go together and just play with them in a photoshop type program. Thanks so much hun I love playing with it.
BombcheleBooks BombcheleBooks Apr 15, 2013
@letmebeangel Thanks so much That is truly very high praise and It def. keeps me writing to hear that my books are enjoyed. Thanks again I hope you continue to enjoy.
roxynshelby2 roxynshelby2 Mar 31, 2013
Hey can I get the website from you. This is a really good book and I was wanting to know what happens next I am 19.