The Suicide Effect  |  ✓

The Suicide Effect | ✓

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hannah cole By inexistence Completed

In which Becks commits suicide and Gayle spends the next fifty days wondering exactly what she should have done differently.

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Spiritual #20 [26.11.14]
Short Story #26 [05.12.14]

Short Story / Spiritual crossover #1 [21.11.14]

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Phantabulous135 Phantabulous135 Jul 30, 2017
Also it's never just 'out of the blue' she would have felt that way for awhile but hided it all with saying she's fine, and our day in age people ask "are you okay" just for small talk and don't realize how much of a lie that little "I'm fine" is
Phantabulous135 Phantabulous135 Jul 30, 2017
Haha that will be me one day except for the part where she's clever, pretty, and well liked
PsychoChevre PsychoChevre May 11, 2016
I think my friend might've killed herself because my friends and my teachers said she did. She did even come for the STAAR test...
macktheslayer macktheslayer Apr 23, 2016
i have tried killing myself before and i have cut before and i also suffer from Major Depressive Disorder
craycray87 craycray87 Jan 22, 2016
"Sad" is a beautiful emotion... Some may agree, some may not
muahahalife muahahalife Jul 06, 2015
Well it's never out of the blue... She was feeling that way for a while... I sadly speak from experience