Rin Okumura x Reader Lemons (Discontinued)

Rin Okumura x Reader Lemons (Discontinued)

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I'm new to writing this, so I'm sorry if I disappoint you. 

My Co-author: GodsOfMonsters225
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Vildasim Vildasim Sep 08
Gotta blast! (its like the tenth time I'm reading this story btw.)
Omg i should stop reading this 
                              *i said to myself as i kept reading*
Vildasim Vildasim 6 days ago
Don't forget to pee! You don't want a uti!!!!! Was that weird to randomly say?
This is the first lemon I have ever read.  My first time was two years ago and now I'm re-reading it.  This will always be my favorite!
FoxySan FoxySan Aug 21
All of you people here need to bathe in Holy water after this
Killing_MeSoftly Killing_MeSoftly 6 days ago
"Are you ready to hear him scream in agony?" 
                              ~Nishiki Nishio, Tokyo Ghoul