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Rin Okumura x Reader Lemons (Discontinued)

Rin Okumura x Reader Lemons (Discontinued)

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Noriko_Azami By Noriko_Azami Completed

I'm new to writing this, so I'm sorry if I disappoint you. 

My Co-author: GodsOfMonsters225
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@WorthlessWaifu XD I'm dead. I read the last line out loud with tears. Best comment I have ever read. XD Tribute to you. Each time I see a hot dog imma say that XD Why?!
*heavy breathing* *Rin walks in* him: babe? What's going on.... me: get a mop my nose bleed was a stream and now is a river 030 Rin: why do I love you? Me: because I'm great!! Rin:....I'm leaving you for shims...... *gets a notebook* me: hehehe next weeks lemon >;3))))
WHY ? ! I'm french, and my English is vers bad, WHY ? ! Rin please help me ! I want to read this lemon, And my translator only works for half... WHY ? ! WHY ? ! WHY ? ! _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):
dead-o dead-o Apr 08
"Did it suck" 
I.  Can't.  Read.  Any.  Further !!! It's sooo cringe 😂😂
I'll let everyone clean their beds after reading that but I was fangirling cause I love rin he has a tail too so I'm glad u put that in
                              Like goku when he had a tail I bet he would of had pleasure from pulling it