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Hec Daevis By HecDaevis Updated Jul 12

❝But in the end one needs more courage to live than to kill himself.❞ ― Albert Camus

Incubi were complex, brutal creatures. While they thrived on chaos, their selective methods were calculatedly strict. The vanished were always eighteen years old when, or if, they were taken by an Incubus. If they weren't that age, it didn't happen. Perhaps that was why I had expected nothing to go wrong. I was seventeen. I was supposed to be safe, at least for now.

At seventeen, Elliot Haven was supposed to be safe from the Incubi's relentless tradition, the one where those dangerous creatures barged into human's homes and took eighteen humans of age eighteen to use them as food sources, and ironically, powerless slaves. Then again, it wasn't as if they'd spared his nineteen-year-old brother, Kyle, either.

Volume One: Reliant [Completed]
Volume Two: Resistant [Completed]
Volume Three: Repercuss [On-Going]

(Incubi present within the book have differing qualities from the traditional mythical creatures!)

// Book used to be called Hands on Me //

If incubis are hot males then i dont mind gettin' kidnapped (;
viancabwii viancabwii Aug 14
I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO READING THIS ❤️🙈 😭😭😭😭 i so love your work. I just want you to know that ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chloe_Pont Chloe_Pont Jun 30
I turned 18 just under a month ago
                              I'm going to be kidnapped... 😐😐
theGayArrow theGayArrow May 07
I'm ready to read this but, not ready for the pain. I don't wanna be broken by fictional books anymore. 😭💔
louiseS1996 louiseS1996 May 21, 2016
Yes...but what if you have less courage than needed to survive? 🤔🙃
oreosncarrots oreosncarrots Nov 25, 2016
Did you do something to the story? It's showing it as you just reposted the story.