What Matters

What Matters

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Crescent By kotlcfanatix Updated Sep 26

The Lost Cities is in for another chaos that will shake the very foundations of their life. 

After years of silence, the Neverseen decided to move again after getting a whiff of the the Black Swan's secret- the Moonlark's existence. 

In the middle of everything, a single girl needs to make a choice- and they expect her to choose the right one. 

With titles, abilities, and relationships to consider, will she choose the right answer everyone leads her to, or will she go against fate to try and grasp what matters?


‼ This story is ongoing, and updates have been pretty slow since I have classes again.

!! This is a royalty AU, but some scenes are exactly- if not, similar to some chapters in the book. 

‼ The ships are included in the tags, so you know what to expect :)


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