Not Willing To Love Again

Not Willing To Love Again

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Joan Dorantes By Joan0324 Updated Dec 04, 2016

Bella just lost the love of her life, her family is broke and she has no job. When her friend Alice finds a job for her as the maid of the most cold, arrogant rich man of The US: Edward Cullen, for a moment she thinks it all be fine but she's wrong. 

Bella works for him but just can't tolerate his bad humor and fury so decides to leave. But...

What would happen when the arrogant man falls for his maid?
What would happen if she's not willing to love again?

Story's Theme Song: Crazy In Love ~ Beyonce (Slow Version)

  • forced
  • fury
  • life
  • love
  • willing
gauribchawla gauribchawla Sep 04, 2017
Yes am I the only one that is happy about this now he can't interfere and Bella and Edward love life 😁
Isabellalovee14 Isabellalovee14 Oct 12, 2016
U say that I'm beautiful but tell me I should change that look of mine...............yup become a stripper Bella..
Nina_Vamp Nina_Vamp Apr 18, 2016
love of her life......
                              keep telling yourself that Bells, keep telling it youself...
Nahjea72 Nahjea72 Apr 30, 2016
I love how in each fanfic its always renee who tries to sell bella (NOTE SARCASM)
DejaB1415 DejaB1415 Dec 19, 2015
*Sigh* Her mom really needs to get her act together. That is a really $h*ty thing to tell your daughter to do.
- - Sep 04, 2015
This reminds of divergent. Tris takes a beating for Tobias in his fear landscape