Please Be There (An Anorexic Girl Story)

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Brenda's whole life she was teased for being fat. It even got to the point where her nickname was Brownie because when she was little she would quickly eat all of her Mom's brownies!! Eventually, Brenda decided to take matters into her own hands. Slowly Brenda become anorexic, but no one notices until she steps into Mrs. Colleen Rose's classroom. Brenda still tries to lose weight, but Mrs. Rose refuses to stand by and watch. A bond forms between the student and the teacher that might be able to get Brenda healthy again. But what happens if Brenda refuses to get better? And what if Mrs. Rose refuses to give up on getting Brenda healthier? Don't ask me, read for yourself:)
Learn how you use proper "your" and "you're"s. Honestly this is the 5'th time
This is why I suck up to my teachers. I barely ever have homework.
I think the story goes to fast. I mean in less than 10 hours the teacher already knows she's anorexic :/ it is a little unrealistic, but I am interested in the rest of the story
Hold on, this is confusing because the teacher said 8th graders but in the beginning of the story, you said seniors.
I would love a teacher like that because they r less likely to call out on a student that has social anxiety ugh my teachers call on me all of the time
awww the bitch lady isn't so crazy... ish. and that didn't seem to stalker-y teachers do that all the time where i'm from.
                                    great chapter. very intense ending.