Aura in Neverland (OUAT Fanfic)

Aura in Neverland (OUAT Fanfic)

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***I do not own any of these characters except Isa/Isaria and a few others. I do not own most of the plot line ideas. A few are my own. This is just a fan fiction.***

(A/N: Tinker Bell is spelled 'Tinkerbelle' in my stories, and Peter Pan is not Rumplestilksin's father. That is just wrong and creepy.)

This is based on the TV show called Once Upon a Time, right after Henry was taken. There's a girl who lives in Storybrooke, along with all the other fairy tale characters. Her story is unpopular, erased from the everyday fairy tale book, though much more ancient. The girl is the next guardian of aura. 

Thirteen years old, and an Asian with olive skin, dark brown eyes, and long, straight, dark brown hair. She didn't consider herself pretty or ugly. Just in-between. 

Before she knows it, she regains her memory of a past life and travels to another world to save a friend. But is her friend more than just a 'friend'? And what happens if her enemy, Peter Pan, can fall in love with a simple girl?

Join Isaria as she faces fear, love, evil, and more as she discovers who she is and what fate has planned out for her.

(Sorry for any grammar errors!)

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- - Jul 09, 2015
Here Here! 
                              I just don't know why the producers of OUAT decided to make Peter Rumplestiltskin's father . Its just plain wierd.
sarahelana101 sarahelana101 Dec 04, 2014
Ikr! It's like what the heck? And I liked to spell Tinker Bell my own way because in my opinion, it looks prettier.