Shotguns in Their Roses (Hetalia)

Shotguns in Their Roses (Hetalia)

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Tara Rose S.K. By speckled_sparrow Completed

Mafia!Italy Brother Fanfiction

Germany and Japan knew something was wrong with the Italy brothers, but they just couldn't put their fingers on it. 
Spain was confused about why Lovi suddenly treated his shotgun like it was the Holy Grail. 
France was worried about his Feli and his newfound fascination with knives.
America saw something that he defiantly shouldn't have.

But before they learn the big secret, another thing takes priority: Learning to read Italian. Or at least, a few words of it.
(Who puts landmines on their front lawn than puts up a warning sign anyways? Actually, who puts landmines on their front lawn?!)

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CanadianMapleLeaf CanadianMapleLeaf Oct 29, 2017
See the thing is here is that France could easily be a virgin. He may be flirty and very friendly but he won't rape you. It's actually said in the show and I think manga. He might just be trying to be nice and hasn't done "it" yet.
AJDiesInside AJDiesInside Aug 12, 2017
Boi it's only the first chapter and I'm already hooked XD Yet another fanfic for me to get invested it, hooray!
animecatblackbat animecatblackbat Aug 31, 2016
Thnx -_-,  now I have some headcannon that France never actually has sex
OfficialBookOwl OfficialBookOwl Jul 13, 2016
High then, huh.
                              Sarcasm is rolling of me in waves, if you didn't notice.
KenyaWhite-wine KenyaWhite-wine Jun 12, 2016
That innocent smile screams , "SOMEONE UP but you won't question it cause I'm cute"
Nicole__Williamson Nicole__Williamson Aug 06, 2016
I have to say this but I love your summary is hilarious and made me want to read it