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No Regrets. (Narry Storan)

No Regrets. (Narry Storan)

14.1K Reads 440 Votes 25 Part Story
1D4dayz By 1D4dayz Completed

Niall Horan is an extremely popular singer known all across the world! Harry Styles is a simple small town boy who happens to secretly be in love with Niall. After Harry figured out he was gay, life hasn't been the easiest for him and bumping into his famous crush wasn't making his life any easier. But will Harry stay even after learning about Niall's horrible past? Read and find out! (There will be a little smut but I'm not going to get to much into detail with that shit. Just a heads up)

imaginarynarry imaginarynarry Oct 13, 2016
It's funny that we have the same character name in our books - Mindy :)
2oldforthis 2oldforthis Oct 21, 2014
Does he want to put his
                               d•ck in Niall's mouth? 
                              Fuu uuck! Omg.
                              *rolls around on the bed*
                              *falls of bed* 
                              I'm done!
2oldforthis 2oldforthis Oct 21, 2014
Idk how or when but Narry has taking over my life! True story.
mackenzie-1155 mackenzie-1155 Sep 16, 2014
I just realized you published this, and i was so happy!!!!!! :)