poems that i wrote in language arts/ 7th hour

poems that i wrote in language arts/ 7th hour

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Poems I wrote in language arts ( i know there not great but im only 13 and iu tried my best!):

My Brother

I was directed by my brother

To the east

So that I won't ever forget that family comes first

To the south

So that I know that I will always be able to count on him

To the west

So that I will know that he will always be there for me

To the north

So that I don't forget to be strong

To the earth

So that he can keep me grounded

To the sky

So that I never get lost

Mazatlan, Mexico

Madalyn Juarez

I always love your summers

The most

You can eat sea food

From a restaurant on the beach

And feel the sand between your toes

And watch the sunset disappear into the ocean

And feel the waves hit your feet

And discover lots and lots of seashells along the coast

And swim in the warm sea

And lay in the sun

And listen to

The ocean music

At the beach

And eat tropical fruit salads and ice cream

And go to the resort

And play in the sand and ocean

With my family

And frien...

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adela4ever adela4ever Jul 01, 2011
You're 13 and you write poems? That's a great thing!!!Your poems are good. :)