The Popularity Debt

The Popularity Debt

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Maddie Elliot and Ingrid Brooke are total opposites. Maddie has always dreamed of being a part of the popular crowd, but she's been nothing more than average her whole life. Ingrid grew up in California, with rich parents and masses of friends, and she's had more experience than Maddie could ever even dream of. 

When the two girls' worlds collide in the sleepy town of Hallow's Wood, Maine, both of their lives are transformed forever. With Ingrid's help, Maddie is suddenly swept off her feet, into a world of sex, drugs and gossip - and it's amazing...until things slowly start to go wrong. 

After a trip to California, where she finds herself a little more than close to Ingrid's older brother, Maddie's perspective on her new best friend's world is altered. All at once, she realises that Ingrid may not be as brilliant as she originally thought, and that there are some dark secrets hidden away behind all of the glamour which could be dangerous for both girls - not to mention the boys they're involved with. When Maddie starts to receive creepy letters in the mail, from a 'secret admirer', she realises that trouble might be coming at her from a different angle, too. And, just when Maddie believes that things can't possibly get any worse, she uncovers the worst secret of all - one that could rip her friendship (and her relationship) apart. 

But, now that she's a popular girl, will Maddie be able to make the right decisions, or will she find herself falling deeper and deeper into the popularity debt?

Y'all saying 'how?' And I'm here thinking, she has absolutely no boobs
danielleeeeeeee1 danielleeeeeeee1 Aug 23, 2016
For some reason I never finished this book but I'm back !!!!!!
ezrafrancelugtu ezrafrancelugtu Jul 09, 2016
Love this book thoug surprised about this frankly i was finding another book so yah! Awsome work
lettersforbelle lettersforbelle Jun 26, 2016
Is the newer or older version better?? Idk which one to read 😖
jersey1206 jersey1206 Jan 03
He loves me with every best of his cocaine heart- off to the races (thats my fav line)
accleria accleria Jul 17, 2016
This book was and still is my life 💖 it was my first completed Wattpad book