Barbie [m.c]

Barbie [m.c]

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ya girl By planetgay Updated Feb 27, 2017

"Why do you keep all these dolls?" He asked, running a gentle hand over the shelves of plastic.

"Barbies," she corrected.

"Right, Barbies."

"Because Barbie is perfect, aand maybe if I have all these, i will be motivated to be perfect."

"Why do you want to be perfect?" He frowned.

"Because perfect girls are loved."

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Ali-Outsiders Ali-Outsiders Jun 22, 2017
This is such a wonderful and meaningful intro with such a meaning... I love it! Can't wait to go further!! ❤️😂
kinkygrande kinkygrande Sep 30, 2017
i see all these comments saying "Same" and I'm over here like
                              "can't relate im fûcking hot af 😍"