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juppjupp By juppjupp Updated Sep 14, 2010

If there’s one thing that Christopher Bennet learned from his father, it was the oversimplified truth that Knowledge is power with a capital P.

Rescued from a scientific abomination and consequently recruited by a nameless organization, Chris has made a living of this motto, procuring rare and precious information for them with his unique talents. Knowledge for the sake of humanity, as his employers have told him time and again - a step forward into a future where everyone is united, where education is free and for all, and where evolved humans like Chris no longer need to live in secrecy. 

But what happens when Chris discovers that there’s more to the organization’s charity than meets the eye – that everything he has known had been only one side of the truth, and that his ignorance has endangered the lives of those around him?

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Ageus1 Ageus1 Sep 18, 2011
Good Job! You pulled me in quickly with the descriptive writing at the beginning! I look forward to seeing where you take this!
juppjupp juppjupp Sep 11, 2010
@gavthedarft Yeah, I don't think you have to worry about me. The Archive is currently enjoying its relative obscurity :)) I'm content with getting into the finals somehow haha. Thanks and you too :D
TheOrangutan TheOrangutan Sep 10, 2010
@juppjupp - Hey j, just noticed you flying up into the top 9 with this one, well done. Not too high though eh, beating me is not allowed :-) Keep up the good work. 
TheOrangutan TheOrangutan Aug 28, 2010
Great start, really cool. Particularly liked the passage at the start with the rotting face, descripively elegant. I look forward to reading more. Well worth a vote and good luck in the Watty. 
juppjupp juppjupp Jul 30, 2010
@viva_la_vidaxxx Oh, Ms. [REDACTED] is actually an agent within the company. Or at least, she is now haha. Seriously, though, those terms confuse me cause I've never looked at them in-depth. If I were to really categorize her, I'd probably put her in either MI10 or MI17 :D
juppjupp juppjupp Jul 30, 2010
@viva_la_vidaxxx I envy your prepaid service -_-
                              She works for none of those sectors but if I were to categorize, she'd probably fit more in MI6...or she could also fit into all those sectors bahaha :)