forget me || sokeefe

forget me || sokeefe

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she/her By -reina Updated Nov 12

Sophie Foster has been at war with herself and her guilt for too long. Until one day, her guilt wins out. 

But when her sanity is shattered under the mental weight of her guilt, it's different. 

One by one, she'll begin to forget people. One by one, she'll forget everyone until eventually she'll forget herself. 

With her very sanity, the entirety of Project Moonlark, and every memory she has ever had on the line, can she forgive herself before it's too late? 

"I-I'm sorry do I know you?" Sophie stuttered, it felt as if she was supposed to know who this person was but it was as if her mind was fighting her tooth and nail, to suppress any of her memories of this stranger. 

"It's. . . me? Sophie are you alright?" The person reached out to feel her forehead, out of instinct, Sophie stepped back, out of the woman's reaching distance. 

"Sophie? This is my mom." Dex said, his face twisted with confusion. 

"I-I don't know you." She stuttered. 

"Are you alright?" Dex grabbed her arm to steady her. Her mind was spinning in a million directions, it felt as if she had stepped off a cloud. "Sophie, you know my mom." 

"No, no I don't. I've never met you." Sophie reeled back, wary of the stranger. 

"I'll hail Mr. Forkle." The woman-no, Dex's mom looked a mix of astonished and frightened. 

"How can you hail him? Only members of the Black Swan can hail him." Sophie questioned her. 

"I-I am a part of the Black Swan." She stuttered, not out of fear, but she looked-worried?

"No, you're not." 

"Yes, she is. Sophie, are you feeling okay?" Dex questioned her. 

"I'm feeling fine and you* are not a part of the Black Swan." Sophie muttered angrily. 
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