my best friend, the alpha

my best friend, the alpha

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Psychopandalove By Psychopandalove Updated Oct 25, 2015

'Whoa whoa whoa. where you going little missy?' he says grabbing me and making me sit back down.

'Leaving Luke I was leaving' I snap

'OK but I wasn't done sky' he puts his hands up in surrender.

' Done what laughing at me' I growl crossing my arms.

'I'm sorry' he mumbles. 'I just had to make sure I still had you before I left' he smiled sadly at me.

UGH why can't I stay mad at him.

' you didn't lose me. pissed me off yea. lost me not a chance your stuck with me pal.' I smile

the last thing I see in his eyes is relief. and then he kissed me.


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EveMarie7 EveMarie7 Jul 17, 2015
OMG this is like my house im alway running from the brothers haha
flippytip flippytip Apr 01, 2015
He's hard on you so you can defend yourself when you need to.
KootiTaylor KootiTaylor Feb 28, 2015
Great start! Like how u got straight in to the story. I'm laughing already! Looking good so far!