A collection of Johnlock oneshots

A collection of Johnlock oneshots

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Sherxxlock By bakerstreetboys221 Updated Jul 30, 2015

A collection of short Johnlock oneshots.

I have no plans to add to these, but who knows I might one day so keep an eye out. 

Hope you enjoy!

PS. There are one or two Mystrades in there

evilaf evilaf Jul 24
And also…
                              *Doctor voice* Fantastic
is new to the Sherlock Fandom hello, this is my first JohnLock fanfic and oh my that was amazing
JerinaShin JerinaShin Nov 04
                              LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!! JAWN IS DYING!!!!!
m0onlit m0onlit Jun 10
Just when I start to think that I've achieved the 'heartless' state of being, I read stuff like this
KCKasten KCKasten Jul 18
Don´t cry, don´t cry, don´t cry...damn... 
                              I care about John Watson. No, why did you do this? Nevertheless, so good. I love your writing...but NOOO. Why??? This makes me so sad, all the feels again...you´re very good.
phansrus phansrus Mar 28
i had a fanboy relapse, i stopped reading johnlock fanfic for a while, but im mothafucking back