A collection of Johnlock oneshots

A collection of Johnlock oneshots

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Sherxxlock By bakerstreetboys221 Updated Jul 30, 2015

A collection of short Johnlock oneshots.

I have no plans to add to these, but who knows I might one day so keep an eye out. 

Hope you enjoy!

PS. There are one or two Mystrades in there

I read "Sherlock back to life" and I think I am crying a little
ArlinWolfey ArlinWolfey Jul 29
I saw a Tumblr post once that explained that Sherlocks enichels (screw spelling) spelt out the sound his coat makes when he is being a drama queen  (all the time)
I just read horrible oneshots where there were like 20 and only one was happy, so... thanks. I needed that...
hella-swella-fella hella-swella-fella Jul 24, 2016
And also…
                              *Doctor voice* Fantastic
Captain_Sniffles Captain_Sniffles Jul 26, 2016
is new to the Sherlock Fandom hello, this is my first JohnLock fanfic and oh my that was amazing
_WarningFangirl_ _WarningFangirl_ Oct 17, 2016
Bloody gorgeous, oh yes indeed, I mean look at those cheekbones I can cut myself slapping that face x)