Pack Warrior

Pack Warrior

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KOALA  ฯ`{ * ¬ *}´ By c0l0rful_RaInb0wz Updated Dec 23, 2016

Would you find it weird if you woke up with different pairs of muscular arms on you every morning? Or that your the lowest rank, not by force but by choice? Or the fact that everyone seems to like you, but you want to be left alone?

That my friends is her problem. 17 year old Sheila Jenniebea Péreza,  has always had this problem since age 12. A drastic accident occurred to her parents and was labelled an orphan

She always felt out casted from society, but others think the otherwise. She likee the emotion that comes with the word isolation. It gives it's own 'independent flare', as she would say.

She is an uncanny desire amongst the male population. Her lack of knowledge on this situation only makes her more desureable, despite her ranking as an Omega. Although her ranking came by choice not force.

Read to find out what destiny for tells for this young she wolf.......