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♡ Crush Imagines ♡

♡ Crush Imagines ♡

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Hoodlum♡CryBaby By Donnie_Darko_ Updated Aug 19, 2015

**Requests are currently closed but will be reopening soon.. <3

Anything you want to happen with your crush happens here !! 
 These are Cute little short imagines with your crush!! 
I promise I'll  try  to write each and every one of your request just make sure to message me with what you want to happen ! ilove you♡

amysomerville amysomerville Sep 12, 2016
Can you do one for me my names amy my crushes name is David I have never talked to him so something like us starting to talk (preferably in maths classroom) and ask me out - he's a quiet / funny person just do you get the idea xx thankyou
GardenBoxer GardenBoxer May 01, 2016
So Alan and Zuri are two soccer players that are 3 years apart in High School, zuri being a freshman, and Alan a junior. Both of them are relatively small and quick on the field but slow everywhere else. Zuri had been told not to be dating anyone especially not juniors.
__Mmoonlightt__ __Mmoonlightt__ Mar 25, 2016
The school bitch was being mean and I ran away but Theo saw and ran after me then he said stuff about how he likes me then he kissed me (I wish that would happen 😭)
grraceness grraceness Jun 18, 2016
I want to make a request. My name is Grace and his name is Cyrus. So the plot is we are best friends and he invited me to the pool and he has to tell me something but things keep getting in the way, and you can take it from there
Psychopath_child Psychopath_child Mar 20, 2016
I see him at a concert and he walks up to me and we hang out, then he asks me out and stuff
Brandonrowland5 Brandonrowland5 Dec 05, 2016
Anything to do with us at a football game and it might help to know that im in 6th grade he is in 7th