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Big Bang Scenarios & Imagines

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athyvip By athyvip Updated Jan 14, 2016

About me

Annyeong! Its Athanasia/Demetra/Athy/Deme. Yep, I respond to all of those. most people call me by my middle name, Demetra. A few close friends call me Deme, my family calls me Athanasia, and my internet friends call me Athy. You guys can call me whatever you like! I got into Big Bang a little over a year ago, and was instantly hooked. They were my first kpop group, and the first song I heard was Fantastic Baby. I heard it on vacation, and on the 10 hour long trip back, I had one song on auto repeat. :) Then again, we all have first kpop song stories. I found kpop on YouTube through the related videos. Currently, my favourore BB songs are Number 1 and Beautiful Hangover, but whenever there's a concert, hands down the best song is Haru Haru. When the VIPs sing it, it unites us. My bias is T.O.P (but Dae is my second pick). I'm also a hard core ELF and Starlight.  But that's just me.... What about you guys?



I used to take requests, but as you can tell I rare...

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BTS_Imagine_Trash BTS_Imagine_Trash Jul 12, 2017
I like Gd second is T.O.P but u have a interesting choice my girl!
StephaniePayne7 StephaniePayne7 Aug 29, 2017
This is what in all the one shoots/imagines/scenarios have to say because you don't meet someone and you married him/her the day before, I really liked❤❤❤
SolsWifeu9 SolsWifeu9 Sep 15, 2015
Haha~ that's good.. I can't chose a favorite song.. they are all amazing.. but like you said Haru Haru is just adkiwgdown and we real vips have a special place for it in our house.
binguttop binguttop Sep 01, 2015
Waaaah TOP and Daesung♡♡♡ Both top favorites♡♡♡♡ Fighting!! ^^
KaylaPangilinan KaylaPangilinan May 14, 2015
This is me when I find out the people I fan girl over are in a committed relationship. But then I start to love them both after a couple days of recovering.  @Marizelda
athyvip athyvip Apr 18, 2015
@CbCrazyBlues do you want them both in the same one or two separate?