The World was Supposed To End In 2012;Now We're the Only Ones Left

The World was Supposed To End In 2012;Now We're the Only Ones Left

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Niki:) By Escapethefatelover Updated Aug 10, 2011

What if you were the only one left on the earth. What if you knew, that EVERYONE you ever knew was dead. 

Karma is a sixteen year old prodigy, she was in her senior year of high-school at the age of sixteen, that is, until the 2012 apocalypse. 

Follow Karma and her new family through the tough times of a post apocalyptic world. Defeating the infected, Delivering babies, mainly Macey's, a pregnant woman that came with Kaydon, Jesse, Laura, Hunter and two dogs, and rescuing the rest of the survivors. 

What would you do..if this was you?

simmyhuntress simmyhuntress Dec 21, 2012
I find it ironic how I am reading this at midnight, 21/12/2012 :P
                              Good story :)
thornedrose thornedrose Aug 10, 2010
when i  read this, the first thing i thought was "this is I AM LEGEND.  Wheres the originality?"
                              But if you say that this is not I am legend then i'm gonna move on and read the rest cuz you have some serious writin skill and i look forward to readin what you have in store ; )
Escapethefatelover Escapethefatelover Aug 03, 2010
@aspentree Read on, I assure you, as similar as it may seem, it is not I Am Legend, if it was, I would call it I Am Legend, not my tittle 
aspentree aspentree Jul 25, 2010
Umm, this is I am Legend. The dog, the infected, the only you in new york city. I think its cute and your a good writer, but you need more originality 
Elvismycat Elvismycat Jul 24, 2010
When I first saw ur thing I was lik ughj but then I saw ur username and I thought I'd givit a try
cUtiE0502sEcRet cUtiE0502sEcRet Jul 10, 2010
this is awesome :) can't wait to read  more hehe and here i go :)