Minigician - The imperfection of a prophecy T0,5 - MM (english version)

Minigician - The imperfection of a prophecy T0,5 - MM (english version)

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Kira Schevalier By KiraSchevalier Updated Aug 04

Minigicians have no existence in the universe of the supernatural and nevertheless, they would deserve a place in it. People decimated by metamorphs in their world, powerful forces have joined forces to revive this species. For centuries, the minigicians became a rumor, an unverifiable myth for most witches until the day Mini-Maverick appeared at the manor of the Lailo family, without any memory of its past.

If his presence brings together the little cousins Raphael and Joshua, respectively wizard and wolf metamorph, they are all three far from imagining what the future holds for them.

Until their destiny takes shape, they will learn to grow together. Mini-Maverick will adapt to his new family and be considered a member of the family. Raphael will become his wizard master while Joshua, behind his grouchy airs, will intrigue him over the years.

If the plans of the powerful forces had been to do everything possible to give birth to an extinct species again, they did not expect the last of the minigicians to be able to feel emotions in the same way as a human...