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bloody mary ▸ 5sos

bloody mary ▸ 5sos

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isabella marie By murdermuke Updated Jul 27, 2016

"Bloody Mary, come and play." [short story with slow updates]

emmastyles1012 emmastyles1012 Jun 22, 2016
Go into the bathroom, turn off the lights, turn around three times with your eyes closed while you are saying "I believe in bloody marry I believe in bloody marry I believe in bloody marry"
Badlands_Castaway Badlands_Castaway Apr 03, 2016
Jk but you go into the bathroom alone lock the doors and turn off all the lights in the bathroom and you look in the mirror and you say it three times and according to prople that did it they said that she pops up from behind you and cuts you then disappears
tomswbu tomswbu May 02, 2016
same^ and also what I grew up with is if you do that while pretending to hold/rock a baby she'll appear with her baby and do something
pizzachloee pizzachloee Oct 22, 2016
say bloody mary 3 times and turn the lights off, then a part of ur body would bleed or u would feel ghosts
                              if mama marys there,
                              her eyes would bleed
icebabyvernon icebabyvernon Oct 16, 2016
one of my friends when she was little she played the game and she got cut by her
shibalyeon shibalyeon Aug 03, 2016
In sweden we used to splash the mirror with water three times and then say bloody mary, bloody mary kom fram, kom fram ( come to us, come to us) and then the lights are suppost to go out and she will kill you