Unreturned Love

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IBreakHearts By IBreakHearts Completed
“…..I can’t make you love me” is what Chloe Fox is going through with her best friend. She’s in love with him and his in love with her enemy Morgan Ford. She’s her only competition of finally winning Gavin Tucker heart. But what happens when a school talent show it coming up and Chloe signs up? Can she sing for Gavin's heart, Or will someone else beat her to it?
this is so good.can you guys check out my book and give me feedback about it please
I like it but I think you should write a bit more in your chapters and have a bit more description, but apart from that the story is really interesting... and sad :.(
Lovely story line! & i like the way your write it really flows well! good luck &carry on writing!
Heehee, I really like your story-line because it gives the whole 'i fell for my best friend' a nice twist and I'll add this to my iPod to read. Absolutely love completed stories with good grammar and a nice flow! ♥
This is really great, I can't wait to read more! I feel really sorry for her cause he kinda built up her hopes there :(
I just finished reading yours, and this is an amazing entry for the watty awards. :)