Ben Drowned x Reader

Ben Drowned x Reader

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Kristy Evelyn By Evelyn_Kris1314 Completed

You're the main character in this story. As the story goes you start to fall in love with the new comer in school as you start finding new and darker things around you.

(f/n) in this story means 'friend's name'
P.s. this book was written when I was 11. 

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RaWr_XD_BiTcH RaWr_XD_BiTcH Sep 15, 2017
At my school, we have this game room with a Wii and I think an Xbox1 and other things but I've only been in there only like 3 times.
From the description of this story I think it's self explanatory that you, yes, indeed are in love with a imaginative boy in a video game.
CartoonMaster1 CartoonMaster1 Apr 30, 2017
You know this is the first BEN Drowned X Reader story without abusive parents......this makes me wonder about life
ShadowAina2007 ShadowAina2007 Dec 11, 2017
Damn, there a killer in the school....
                              Well....... I should say "AWESOME" or "WTH"?
Neko_girl_1234 Neko_girl_1234 a day ago
the actual conversation;
                              me: omg human
                              him: wot
                              me: *cowers by friend* h-he touched m-me
                              him: Bai bish *skates off*
The_Living_Hell666 The_Living_Hell666 Oct 06, 2017
(Y/N)=Mikio Phoenix
                              (F/N)=Haruka Phoenix
                              I read these for meh friends 😂