The Maze of Justice

The Maze of Justice

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Jana A. By Pretty_Snowflakes Completed

In the name of joy, Gracia unwillingly agrees to join a party her friends invite her to. But, in a moment, everyone disappears. In what felt like a dream,she's locked in the room with no trace of her friends. In hopes of finding them, Gracia continues to  gather every clue she finds. However, her desperate search stops when a red door suddenly appears, promising mystery, distress and answers. 

As she tries to enter, the mystery becomes a nightmare, Gracia is faced with a troubling decision : her friend's lives or her own. With bold letters, she notices a message engraved onto the door. 'Save your friends or let them die? Warning, you might not come back alive.'

Plunged into the unknown, Gracia weaves through mazes of dead flowers and meets the magical creature, Ember, whose intentions are unknown. 

While her friends- Stacey and Elora- remain trapped, she continues through the obstructed paths and illusions. Will Gracia face the challenges, or will her friends become a memory under the soil?
• NA contest 3rd place winner•