Hoodie x Reader

Hoodie x Reader

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You, the Reader, is a transfer student from Ohio. During your time in your new location, you find yourself involved with the unknown.

Just in case you don't know
(y/n) = your name     (e/c) = eye color
(l/n) = last name       (h/c) = hair color
(f/n) = full name        (f/c) = favorite color
POV = Point of view

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I only stutter because my thoughts go so much faster than my mouth and everything just tumbles over each other
I stutter/trip on my words when I'm really nervous/panicking under pressure, for example during presentations to the class. The more I have to talk during the presentation the more I stutter, so I try to say my piece(s) as quick and smooth as possible before it starts getting too bad.
You laughing at my last name? JUST BECAUSE MY LAST NAME HAS SON AS THE LAST PART DOESNT MEAN YOU CAN MAKE FUN OF IT! *thinks that but in reality Im crying*
I stutter but it's not really noticable I'm called invisible girl and twitcher
Pizza6667 Pizza6667 Aug 20
i feel like the teacher secretly ships the reader and hoodie. She's like, "okay, everyone take a quiz while those two over there sit beside each other. They don't have to do anything." *teacher fangirling*
I do studder not because I shy is because English isn't my first language. I was forced to speak English and I caught  on. I wasn't taught it properly so I studder