Hoodie x Reader

Hoodie x Reader

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You, the Reader, is a transfer student from ohio. During your time in your new school, you slowly fall in love with a cute guy you bumped into in your first day then one day you find out about the truth around you.

Just in case you don't know
(y/n) = your name     (e/c) = eye color
(l/n) = last name       (h/c) = hair color
(f/n) = full name        (f/c) = favorite color
POV = Point of view

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Them: *laugh*
                              Me: *pulls out pick-axe* WHAT!? SOMETHING FUNNY 'BOUT MAH NAME!!??
                              Me: MY NAME MEANS BLESSING SO IMMA 'BLESS' Y'ALL WITH THIS PICK-AXE!! *brandishes pick-axe*
Roses are red thorns are prickly I  have to say that escalated quickly
Why are you guys laughing? What's wrong with the name Mikeala? * death glares at everyone*
Solar Chilo...I can see the jokes about Solar System .-. (I told my friends and that is all,they would talk about)
Me: H-hey s-stop laughing at m-me!
                              Class: hahahahahahah
                              Hoodie: ...
                              Me: 😠
                              Class: Hahahahahahahaha
                              Random student: what a loser!
                              Me: I SAID STOP LAUGHING AT ME OR I WILL RIP YOUR THROAT OUT! 😠
                              Class: O.O
                              Me: thank you! 😇
                              Hoodie: *smirks* I like this girl
Me: is something fúcking funny!
                              Me: HUH SPEAK UP I DONT HEAR U laughing ANYMORE (pulls out a spoon) KEEP FÚCKING WITH ME
                              Teacher: I'm gonna have to write u up for pulling a weapon out on the other students