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Dianna Heart is a non cliche teenager, she's a 15 year old nerd and life lover .

On the other hand,leon king is a cold hearted killer feared by many and most times called the monster from nightmares .

Their story together begins at an ice cream shop. 

Their infatuation for each other began to grow from the moment their bodies collided at the entrance of the small ice cream shop.


What type of feeling is this??, is this what called love, or is it an infatuation, I ask myself this questions. 

Still I can't find the right answers and maybe he has this answers, let's see where this feeling takes me.


Slowly infatuation turned to love,as secrets were uncovered.. Dark secrets ,with time Leon knew he had to let her know the real him "THE MAFIA DON ".

And like a flash of light Dianna's truth became vividly clear .

Her best friend wasn't who she thought she was ,her boyfriend the same, as time passes she began to doubt who she truly was. 

Was she the Dianna she had grown to believe she was???????? ,the small teenage nerd who loved everything life had to offer .

Or was she baring another truth, even she might be scared to admit. 

. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Everyone knew me as the cold mafia leader until I met her,I shouldnt have brought her into my dark world but she became my drug ,I couldn't live without her. 

The walls I built around my heart came crashing down ,Why would I be in love with a 15 year old 

Is it even love??

I didn't know the answer till she became my most prized possession ,The only person I would get on my knees for.....only Dianna


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