From Nerdy To Beautiful

From Nerdy To Beautiful

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LittlePigletInABarn By LittlePigletInABarn Updated Apr 27

I went from this.

Nerd - A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.

To this.

Beautiful - Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically, of a very high standard; excellent.

My name is Kailey and I used to be one of those kids who was bullied and hated all throughout middle school. Well now this is high school and I won't allow it to happen any longer. I've been waiting all summer for school to start. I moved away last school year, but good news I'm back and with a whole different attitude.

gLiTcH_exe gLiTcH_exe May 19, 2016
I just realized something. Look at the guy in the background of the cover. He looks like he is enjoying himself XD
desiree_luv desiree_luv Sep 06, 2014
Lol I like ur story update wen u can and have a hott guy in the story plz post a pic of him ;) :)