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I'm Sorry 2 // 5sos sister

I'm Sorry 2 // 5sos sister

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B. xx By gigglypuffirwin Completed

Jess doesn't remember anything except her own pain, can the guys help her or will she be always trapped with her own thoughts

5SOS_Elizabeth_ 5SOS_Elizabeth_ Mar 26, 2016
It's like it all started over but she can't remember stuff from before. Like Cal is the one helping her again Luke and Mikey don't talk to her really
5SOS_Elizabeth_ 5SOS_Elizabeth_ Mar 26, 2016
You don't get amnesia like that it's just not how it works *throws phone storms out of room* *Five second (haha) later* WAIT I NEED TO CONTINUE I DONT KNOW MY PASSWORD MY PHONE CANT BREAK ILL NEVER BE ABLE TO LOG INTO MY ACC AGAIN
-Junk-food- -Junk-food- Jan 04, 2016
Yuuuusss but i want her to remember :( please remember and go live happily with mikey!!!
-Junk-food- -Junk-food- Jan 04, 2016
Today i learned that the memory part in the brain is in the middle... How can she fall on the ground and fall on the top of her head, in the middle? *i just don't want her to wake up with amnesiaaaaaa* :'(
jacobxsartoriuss jacobxsartoriuss Jul 16, 2015
So I'm struggling right now... Luke turned 19 yesterday it's 1am and I'm reading fanfiction.  I need friends
beastqueen1 beastqueen1 Feb 21, 2015
its called amnesia when you hit your head and forget about something or maybe everything its called amnesia just to let you know