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I Don't Want A Greek God For A Neighbor!

I Don't Want A Greek God For A Neighbor!

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Rachelb9234 By Rachelb9234 Updated Jul 30, 2015

"Wait, your name is Aphrodite? As in the Greek Goddess?" He asked not even bothering to hide his snickering. 

"Yes!" I placed my hands on my hips and stared him down. 

He stopped laughing and his gaze turned serious. 

"Can I call you Afro?" Wow, so original. Not like I haven't heard that before. 

"No! If you call me that, I will hurt you!" I said narrowing my eyes. 

This conversation was just making me angry. I'm not sure why I haven't just pulled my window and curtains closed yet. 

Maybe because his handsomeness has hypnotized you?  

Probably so. 

"Don't you know it's dangerous to threaten the bad boy?" He asked till his face was practically in my window. 

"And don't you know it's rude to-" and I never finished my sentence, because he ripped the towel off of me. 
Aphrodite Lawson is the unsocial nerd who reads all day.

Until Kai Moore moves next door and shows the nerd what it's like to "really live."

His words not mine.

cmc656 cmc656 May 02
I feel like she should have been named artimis. It would have been even better if her and apollo were twins!!
Pfft you met at a girl name Brittany's house. He probably slept with her before flirting with Gwen.
                              No offense if your name is Brittany
What else did u bang
                              .....what...did I just comment omg 😂😂😂😂
I'm laughing bc I have a friend who is blonde, has blue eyes, (not 5'10 yet), and her name is Allison
I thought the book title said "... GEEK GOD" instead of Greek god
Wtaf? That's so early. I used to wake up at 8 because school started at 9. Why are American schools so early?!