To Love A Fighter

To Love A Fighter

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~FIRST BOOK TO THE 'Loving A Fighter' SERIES!~

**The second book is out!**

Meet Skylar Bradley, not your typical teenage girl. Skylar has kept to herself ever since her Dad cheated on her mom and left them both, making her grow up fatherless.

Now meet Nathaniel Knight, also, not your average horny teenage high school boy. Nathaniel is your stereotypical badass.

Keeps to himself, not wanting any friends, smokes and drinks, cusses. That's not it though. Nathaniel night is a street fighter.

When Skylar goes to a new school and pisses off Nathaniel Knight, things don't turn out too pretty because his friend Jeremy starts making her hang out with them..

Throughout the book, it shows how their lives go as Skylar finds out about what Nate does and helps him as much as she can.

Will they fall for each other, or will he continue hating her?

Read to find out!

Sorry.. I'm bad at writing summaries..

Story contains cursing, violence, and sexual content!

Personally rated PG-13 to R

  • fight
  • hate
  • help
  • hurt
  • lose
  • love
  • pg-13
  • win
My birth dad cheated with his own sister once. Wasnt the worst person he cheated with tho 😐
- - Sep 19, 2017
I don't MIND wearing dresses, but most of the time I wear jeans and a t-shirt. Especially with cowgirl boots.
mendesbabes_ mendesbabes_ May 05, 2017
Umm... I don't have dresses and flats... I'm more like Of The jeans and sneakers too😂 (well, I used to have dresses and flats, but that was WAY BACK THEN)
mendesbabes_ mendesbabes_ May 05, 2017
In my country, we wear uniforms, no matter what😂😂 so... it'll be the best day ever if we were assigned to wear casual clothes for a day😂😂
oopsitsbrianna oopsitsbrianna Jul 23, 2017
If i ever said that to my mom id be slapped in my mouth so hard id probably bleed for a montjw
redwolf_31 redwolf_31 May 14, 2017
Me too except I was 11 and ignored my dad for 4 years and I went from rainbows, hot pink and skirts to black, grays, and combat boots