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Prince to Slave

Prince to Slave

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- By tinktok7 Updated Feb 09, 2015

Loki Laufeyson was once the second prince of Asgard. Now, however, he is no more than a lowly slave forced to suffer the abuse of his Masters. But when the Avengers get involved things take a turn for the better, at least for Loki. But he is broken and all wounds must have time to heal. Will Loki be able to heal or will a new threat break him once more before he has had enough time?

*distant screams are heard in the distance* that's what you get bïtch
Sure, they took precautions, but that sounds painful!  Don't they have tape??? XD
I honestly expected Sit to be the most aggressive toward him. Lol
Oh. Looks like I broke them. They're dead now Loki, you're free to go fück your adoptive brother
What exactly does he eat? His mouth is seen Shut and I don't think they've invented feeding tubes yet... when were straws invented?
TwentyOnePlums TwentyOnePlums Sep 02, 2016
*steals Loki*
                              I WILL MAKE YOU A BUTLER TO THE AVENGERS!  You will be treated nicely and if anyone hurts you I will kill them.