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Prince to Slave

Prince to Slave

17.6K Reads 806 Votes 10 Part Story
- By tinktok7 Updated Feb 09, 2015

Loki Laufeyson was once the second prince of Asgard. Now, however, he is no more than a lowly slave forced to suffer the abuse of his Masters. But when the Avengers get involved things take a turn for the better, at least for Loki. But he is broken and all wounds must have time to heal. Will Loki be able to heal or will a new threat break him once more before he has had enough time?

TwentyOnePlums TwentyOnePlums Sep 02, 2016
*steals Loki*
                              I WILL MAKE YOU A BUTLER TO THE AVENGERS!  You will be treated nicely and if anyone hurts you I will kill them.
byoml678 byoml678 Jun 19, 2016
*steals Loki*
                              *heals everything*
                              *hugs him*
                              You will always be my prince. I will always see you as a King.
Fangirl2385 Fangirl2385 Dec 21, 2016
What damn commotion,  he is quiet and didn't do anything you should punished guards
W8nter101 W8nter101 Nov 01, 2016
Wth why?..somebody explain..because he didn't sit on a chair?...
ErebusKitsune ErebusKitsune Aug 28, 2016
*grabs katanas**creepy child voice* I will give you thousands of cuts, gouge out your eyes and feed them to you, cut off all of your digits, slowly carve you to pieces, stuff you into a dog, and burn that dog to ashes, I will piss on those ashes*repeat process with some variety for all perpetraters*
ErebusKitsune ErebusKitsune Aug 28, 2016
*hugs loki**holds up knives* you have seconds to confess or else I kill you slowly instead of quickly....WHO DID THIS TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!