Reaching 100: A Sword Art Online Fanfiction

Reaching 100: A Sword Art Online Fanfiction

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T. G. By TheatreGirl24601 Updated Mar 13, 2016

Haruko Kurosawa is not exactly noticeable. Her father was a drug addict who left Tokyo to deal with his problems, then came back and divorced her mother when she was eight. Her friends at school seem preoccupied, and once people see the real her, it seems like they clear out.

Not in this world. Haruko's only escape seems to be gaming. In the MMORPG world, no one knows the real her. And the newest addition to her collection, "Sword Art Online," is sure to be the best of them all.

Or so she thinks.

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Rric123 Rric123 Mar 26, 2017
But Asuna didn't have the chance to get a cloak so she would just be in noob clothes like everyone else
The_Golden_Child The_Golden_Child Dec 21, 2017
Is this a fanfic or just a book version of the anime? Idk I'll read on
lshinoae lshinoae Jul 20, 2016
Hi Asuna! Did you know that she didn't go there to eat good food because you should.
Phanmylifeyy Phanmylifeyy Oct 01, 2016
I've read half a book and watched the first 5 minutes of an episode of the anime.
                              Even I'm freaking out cos u can't launch SAO without the 'Link Start'
sparrowhawk126 sparrowhawk126 May 19, 2016
This story is so good tell me if you  have more stories and mine is called epic dragon slayer battle
Jyosaia Jyosaia Dec 14, 2016
I quite liked what I have read so far. Your spelling and grammar are both exquisite, however, I feel as if the pacing on this first chapter was a bit too fast. But, good job either way!