The Bad Boy Is A Daddy?!

The Bad Boy Is A Daddy?!

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SofiaPtv By SofiaPtv Completed

I wrote this book a few years back and its really not goood.. Has grammar and spelling errors too. THE BOOK IS GOING UNDER MAJOR EDITING SO NO HATE COMMENTS CAUSE I WARNED YA.

Warning: Two and a half year olds can talk in this book so no hate comments about it.

Friends? Hell no! Dude you just fucked me and told me to leave. We are not friends. 

"Yeah but now it's not a good time. I have something to do. So we should talk to school." I tried to play cool and relax but I doubt that it worked.Under other circumstances I would have slapped him and run away to save my life. But now I had to be his friend. He finally sighed and looked a little bit hurt. 

"Okay then...See you at sch-"

"Mommy who is it?"

Okay so what if I got pregnant at 15? What if I have a daughter and a son ? What If I was abused for two and a half years? I can still stay strong. 

Well that was until I had to move back to California, and that was until my kids met their father. The bad boy, the guy who used me.

Yeah, I'm Eve Taylor, I'm 17 years old and this is the hardest thing that I ever had to do. Coming back to
Cali. Coming back to my crush and coming to face the father of my children.The thing will he react? Let's see...

 I'm Eve Taylor and this is my story.

Amazing Cover By @KeepinItLowkey
(Book 1 to Bad Boy series) 
Warning: Yes two year olds talk in this book so please no hate comments.
(A/N The book is unedited yet but im working on it. Also this book contains physical/sexual abuse.)

Eliza_Bookworm Eliza_Bookworm May 06, 2016
Second time reading this. I loved this book but forgot the name. Then I realized I archived it. I was so happy!😁
DivergentXOX46 DivergentXOX46 Oct 25, 2016
The characters in this are all in The Secret Life Of The American Teenager...
ZenithZer0Actually ZenithZer0Actually Feb 06, 2016
Oh my god... I read the title wrong. I read,"The Bad Boy is a Baby." XP 
                              Please forgive my stupidity.
arianna_cookies_ arianna_cookies_ Apr 10, 2016
I never finished this book and when I started where I left off I didn't understand it, so I had to re-read it...Sad. I thought I would understand even if it took me a long time for me to continue lol
ImInTheBandoms ImInTheBandoms Nov 03, 2015
Omfg it me, this is the first time my name has ever been in a story I've read woooooo!
amour24xo amour24xo Sep 25, 2015
Wait she's a senior in high school after 3 yrs. she has a baby... Wen did she give birth like at the age of 15/16!?!?!? She's young