The Pixies of Aspana: Book 1

The Pixies of Aspana: Book 1

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Laur ♡ By Lauriee-Angel Updated 5 days ago

"You never know how important your voice is . . . Until you lose it."

Riven is your typical pixie, except for a few things. For one, they can't fly. They have an odd scar around their neck, and they refuse to talk about their past. After a visit to a small lake in the clearing of the forest, the pixie has discovered they lost their voice.

A pixie by the name of Nollie befriends them, and convinces them to stay with him. 

As Riven's found family discovers their disappearance, they go on a search for their family member. When they reunite, Riven finds that they will have to make a potentially life changing decision in order to get their lost voice back.

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