Hey, Princess (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

Hey, Princess (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

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Aria Grace works at Disney as a princess. On Tuesday and Thursday, she plays Rapunzel. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Aria is Wendy from Peter Pan. 

Aria is saving her money up for her mom's surgeries. One day, she hears that a famous band is coming to Disney for two weeks. When she is dressed up as Rapunzul she sees One Direction coming towards her line for pictures. Aria is in for an adventure once she meets the boys and a certain guy from Doncaster catches her eye.

cover by: @sighstiles

  • wattypopfic13
So cute!
                              I would love to work as a princess at Didney
Beastgirlem Beastgirlem Jun 18
I'm 19 and I go to Disney World a lot still and mess with all the actors who plays the characters and its so fun, there great ppl too when there out of character.
KawaiiYumny KawaiiYumny Mar 22
The first thing I say is" Oh my god Becky with the good hair is in this book!"
NevLleh NevLleh Jul 20
ME TOO!! but the sad thing is... I never went to Disney land.. nor Disney world. But I'm a huge Disney fan
i would've slapped him. nobody touches me . unless they're luke hemmings ...
Dudette06 Dudette06 Mar 24
The other day I was at the Disney store, and I was trying to hide so I could live there, but my friends found me an LITERALLY dragged me out!