All is fair in Hate and Love

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Rose By RoseCecily Updated 4 years ago
Jennette Stone is 16, the head cheerleader of Carmon High School, has a boyfriend Matthew, and is the most popular girl in school. She and Matthew are really tight and really like each other but when she bumps into a guy will everything fall apart? Will her world start crashing down and love start to tear it apart?
I liked it i think it would have turned out to be a really good book
its really rushed, but its still pretty good :) try to slow everything down and add more detail
Interesting Chapter...I voted!
                                    Now off to read the other two chapters. :]
The only advise I have is spacing.. and don't upload to quickly :3 upload like every 2-3 days.... then people are going to WANT to read more, you know?