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Cloettte By cloettte Updated Sep 01, 2015

Marshal's (POV)

~Bang, bang, bang! 

"Get up! Come on, you said you would go swimming with me and Gumball today!" Says no one with more energy, but the one and only, (literally) Fionna the human. "Uhg, Fi," I mumble while being half asleep, oblivious as to what she was wanting so early in the day. "Don't make me break down dis' door," she threatens. "Fine! I'm getting up," I half yell, then pass out again, halfway. "Okay, Imma' go get Gumball." Fi says excitedly. Then I hear her jump off my deck. I knew this was a bad idea.
     I get up, and give a groan as I stretch. Then I float off my bed, into the bathroom and stare at my reflection. I smile to myself looking at the special mirror that Prince Gumball made me for my birthday. Surprisingly it's not made of candy, or pink. I'm not able to see myself in other mirrors so Gumball made this one for me.
     "Shit, him without a shirt on." *Mental slap to the face.* "What the fuck Marshal?" My little voice in my head scorns. "You, he, uh...

Ectojizz Ectojizz Mar 22, 2016
I think of this all day( not just Marshall, like all the anime boys I love doing this to me) I'm kinda a monotone person so no one can tell , huh.
DarkBrokenSpells DarkBrokenSpells Mar 07, 2016
                              Did he just do what I think he did?
Ki-coo4ever Ki-coo4ever Apr 19, 2016
Gumball!!!! You could of passed it off as nothing but you had to point it out
Chucx_1 Chucx_1 Jul 06, 2016
*ohmysweetjesus* is what my mother would say if she read this
xxnightmarecreeperxx xxnightmarecreeperxx Mar 22, 2016
Gumball,I don't know if he's gay,but I do know this :He's gay for u.
PrinceKitten01 PrinceKitten01 Jun 04, 2016
um...I get the first part it was twisted and awesome but the fangs part....???