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Marshal's (POV)

~Bang, bang, bang! 

"Get up! Come on, you said you would go swimming with me and Gumball today!" Says no one with more energy, but the one and only, (literally) Fionna the human. "Uhg, Fi," I mumble while being half asleep, oblivious as to what she was wanting so early in the day. "Don't make me break down dis' door," she threatens. "Fine! I'm getting up," I half yell, then pass out again, halfway. "Okay, Imma' go get Gumball." Fi says excitedly. Then I hear her jump off my deck. I knew this was a bad idea.
     I get up, and give a groan as I stretch. Then I float off my bed, into the bathroom and stare at my reflection. I smile to myself looking at the special mirror that Prince Gumball made me for my birthday. Surprisingly it's not made of candy, or pink. I'm not able to see myself in other mirrors so Gumball made this one for me.
     "Shit, him without a shirt on." *Mental slap to the face.* "What the fuck Marshal?" My little voice in my head scorns. "You, he, uh...

'i was at the entrance of marshalls cave' gog why does my mind do this to me
*starts playing bang bang bang by bigbang* 
                              BAM BAM BAM 
                              BANG BANG BANG
- - Mar 14
I just got done reading a really depressing story so I came here like
                              "Let's read some lovely smut to take my mind of off sad things!"
                              MY WISHES ARE FULFILLED!
I swear to God i thought that said "toying with one of my butterscotch penises" killl meee
When you start reading a smut but then there's education involved
xD ~They'll be bang, bang, banging tonight ;) if ya know what i mean *Wink* *Wonk*~ (First thing i though of xD) I'm apologize xD