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Saved By 5SOS (In the process of editing)

Saved By 5SOS (In the process of editing)

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Meganator300 By Meganator300 Updated 2 days ago

I continued running down the street, my ankle hurting with every step. I don't know where I'm going, but I need to get away from him. I glanced back, and saw him chasing after me, getting closer and closer. I turned a corner and ran straight into something hard yet soft, and the impact sent me falling to the ground. I quickly got up and I realized that I ran into a person not a thing. Then I saw two other boys appear next to the one I ran into. All three boys were staring at me like I was from another planet.

This is a 5SOS Fan-Fiction!

This story is in the process of editing, so you have been warned!

Andrea732 Andrea732 3 days ago
Considering I have no friends I can't say this sounds like them
Andrea732 Andrea732 4 days ago
*lifts my snow head up with a twig arms*
                              You hesitated
                              Why did you hesitate?
Inner__Demons__ Inner__Demons__ Sep 02, 2016
WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!!! In Derek's defence.
                              The girl might've kissed him.
                              I mean he might've wanted to push her off.
                              Maybe he was about to then Amber came up.
                              I mean.... Amber didn't give him time to explain