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Silly Short Stories and Poems

Silly Short Stories and Poems

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SmileMyLove By SmileMyLove Updated Oct 28, 2012

Short and simple.
Sweet and nice.
A collections of shorts and poems.

YellowCottonHat YellowCottonHat Jul 28, 2011
Wow, this was really beautiful :'T
                              Made me feel tingly.. I love the picture on the side too <3
nicollettenikki nicollettenikki Mar 30, 2011
@SmileMyLove Really *claps* Thank you even more for letting me read such brilliance! 
iswearidontbite iswearidontbite Mar 28, 2011
Aww xD
                              When I read 'silly poems' I was expecting stuff like: there was once a pineapple without a head, he lived at the bottom of the dead sea bed :P
                              But this is amazing :)
SmileMyLove SmileMyLove Mar 24, 2011
                              Oh, thank-you.
                              That means so much coming frm you!<3333
nicollettenikki nicollettenikki Mar 11, 2011
Wow this was intensive, innocent, passionate, sexual, sensual and more over simply adorable you've done a superb job on this! 
Mizuki_Inuzuka Mizuki_Inuzuka Feb 10, 2011
@SmileMyLove Yeah...So I did enjoy it a lot! And seems not only I got teary...