Mr. & Mrs. Bully (Luhan Exo Fanfic)

Mr. & Mrs. Bully (Luhan Exo Fanfic)

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Jihye POV's

"Good morning darling, wake up now!" I hear my mom's voice waking me up from my beauty sleep "Wait a minute" I said that with my sleepy voice and keep closing my eyes. After one minute passes, I open my eyes and stand up from my bed "Good morning mom" I hug my mom and kiss her cheeks "Good morning my beautiful daughter" she kiss my cheeks "Hurry get ready for your school" She said that to me and I nodded. She leave my room and I walk to my bathroom inside my room. My maid already preparing hot water mixed with goat milk in my bathtub. I take my pajamas off and get inside the bathtub. I really love my morning bathe. I close my eyes enjoying it. After that I get out and put on my bathrobe. I walk to my wardrobe and use my uniform "Which shoes Miss. Kim?" my maid ask me and I point at black flat shoes. She bring the shoes for me and I put it on.

I walk to the dining room to meet my mom and dad "Good morning" I cheer at them "Have a breakfast dear" my dad said that and I take...

Omg haha ~i'm the jerk of the universe,love me please.~hahaha
OooOh JH group??? Am I hearing a future arranged marriage???
_TaeAlienV_ _TaeAlienV_ Aug 26
We have to watch news T-T pls is it the BAP geographical or the BTS NEWS?
pauleenymendoza pauleenymendoza Nov 15, 2015
I thought that ''The JH Group'' thing was ''The JHope Group'' hahaha lol :-)
crmen_967 crmen_967 Nov 10, 2015
wait...goat milk? what's is that supposed to do? make your skin whiter?
Hlimpuii Hlimpuii Aug 30, 2015
omg I can't believe it I have the same nickname as luhan's little sister!
                              I never liked my nickname but when I read this I love it more and more!
                              thanks dear writer