A/N: This was like my third book, so please excuse any errors or any poor grammar bc this is when I really started getting my feet wet with writing lol but enjoy though!!!

Jeanylice Reyes 

          I dropped my suitcase at the front door when I scanned the house "Really Selena!" I called.

"What?" She came up behind me. "It's beautiful isn't it?"

"No, it's horrid. It looks run down and old."

"It does not look run down! Stop being so absurd and help Felix bring the rest of the things in."

I called my mother by her first name, most of you would say it's disrespectful- but she doesn't deserve the title. Felix was my step-father, and to say I didn't like him would be an understatement. After my dad killed himself when I was 14 Selena re-married. I could tell she ain't love my daddy as much as she said she did, they grew apart and she started to see someone else. I have some resentment towards her for that, she did my daddy wrong, but it is what it is. My mom and Felix been marri...

CBTygalove CBTygalove Jan 13
See yea I gotta go walk my paper clip. Sooo gotta go 🏃🏾‍♀️💨
KDsanti KDsanti 3 days ago
Window. Go. Now. You don't know who that is! He can be a rapist, and you wanna make conversation!!
jodog1234 jodog1234 Dec 31, 2016
Be happy that u got food,some ppl are on the road without food...be happy
koolyky67 koolyky67 6 days ago
I would of slapped him so hard, he would of went flying back to the country
KDsanti KDsanti 3 days ago
Why are you so calm? I would have been out the window, as soon as I heard the got damn breathing
KDsanti KDsanti 3 days ago
Shooo you ain't got to let me know cause I already do boo boo😉💖👅