B A R R I C A D E / The Maze Runner ♡

B A R R I C A D E / The Maze Runner ♡

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xflowersandcrowns By xflowersandcrowns Updated Dec 13, 2014

Was: The New Girl; The Maze Runner

A group of boys found themselves in the middle of nowhere, called The Glade. Outside 4 big walls, is The Maze; filled with terrifying creatures and a handful of confusion, terror and panic. 
No one ever survives a night in the maze. With no memory of their past lives, the runners look for a way out. In the maze and the Glade, it's all about survival. The Glade has always had it's same daily, weekly, monthly routine. 

Then a little butterfly (lol jks rly just a girl) named Bella finds herself making her way up that old, dark, dirty lift.

cred to JDash for his swag levels being so damn high 


rainbowsprinkles0308 rainbowsprinkles0308 Sep 10, 2015
That gif is like a axing like idek why but I love it so much
Thank you for not putting "I call dibs!" That is in all of TMR fanfics I've read so far...
the_escapee the_escapee Apr 01, 2015
One goddamn scary gif
                              Oh and yeah. Eh, walls move all the time. I mean, WICKED make giant ones that move, so our house walls are like why not
TheOthxrSxde TheOthxrSxde Mar 16, 2015
Don't Worry honey I do that all the time and it always seems to be the same God Damn wall
GoddessofPuns GoddessofPuns Feb 08, 2015
Don't worry your story is good a lot better than mine I gave up after 2 sentences also if u want a lot of comments it's be come ting randomly cuz I talk to much
BrooklynTayla BrooklynTayla Dec 06, 2014
I love this fic! And I love Kylie Jenner as Bella! Are you still writing this? I hope it's a long one!