Mad (a Sirius Black love story)

Mad (a Sirius Black love story)

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**Book 1.5 in the Bally Bloodline Series**

Emma Stacy is a Ravenclaw part of a prestigious pureblood family (whom she dislikes greatly). Sirius Black is a Gryffindor part of a prestigious pureblood family (whom he dislikes greatly). 

They hate each other.

But the effect of a singular howler sends them both to almost breaking point, key word 'almost'. But halfway through the word 'brute' is when Emma was pushed way over that breaking point. Maybe it was for Sirius too, but no one's really sure. Next thing poor Emma knew, she seemed to be going crazy for him.

She went from being mad at him, to being mad about him. And that was really only the beginning.

"I didn't mean to break it I was just having a look
Oh, I know I shouldn't touch, I should have never picked it up
But even though you're poison, babe, I wouldn't even hesitate"

**Book 2 complete
Book 2.5 out now**

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Kittylover826 Kittylover826 Jun 14, 2017
There are a lot more than 10 people that have or going to read this
- - Aug 16, 2015
'Bless This Mess' was the best story ever! I'm so excited to read this one!
AyshaBlack AyshaBlack Oct 02, 2014
That is a fantastic peice of writing.....just what I was looking for...I love Sirius too and imagine him as Logan lerman in the three musketeers. It is great. Please check out my fanfic too....its called the blacks#siriusblackfanfiction