Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

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Jennifer By kidfullofpassion Updated Dec 24, 2015

Some people believe in destiny, but I believe we make our own destiny. You can't always control what's thrown at you but you can control the way you react and maybe that's all that you need.

Chapter One

"Babe, did you make this?" I heard the familiar thick accent of the man that had taught me what the definition of love was. A small smile crept onto my lips as I walked over to where he was standing, leaning over a table, peering into an open book that I had stuffed full of pictures.

"Yeah," I mumbled. as I flipped a page of the book and my eyes rested on a picture of him and I. I was wearing skinny jeans, white converse with and an oversized hoodie and he had baggy grey sweats with a white muscle shirt hanging from his bare chest. His blonde hair fell over his forehead as I stood behind my keyboard covering my mouth from laughter. He had his hands on his hips and was making some sassy pose. "Do you remember that?" I asked, smirking at the picture.

"It was the first week we had met ...