Picture Perfect (✔️)

Picture Perfect (✔️)

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Never give up the beauty in you, just to fit in with the crowd. After all, you're a diamond and you're not suppose to fit in, but you're suppose to stand out.

Emily Allyson Wilson, a teenager going to senior year was struggling to keep up her 'picture perfect' image, that she have been keeping up throughout her life. She was always known as the good girl with good grades. All she wanted to do was to fit into her new school and graduate with best grades, but her 'picture perfect' image have her struggling. She didn't know how to say no because good girl never say no. Her decisions are always made upon what would her family think or her friends think- it was never about her. She was struggling to keep up the image of the good person with wide smiles and laughter, but deep down she was calling for help. 

Everett Levi, is the popular boy in Richmond High School. He's popular for looks, his money and for being bad. He always put himself first- when his mother left them in the care of their father when they were young, he was taught to only think about himself. With two older brothers who wants nothing, but for him to fail in the eyes of his father, so that one of them could take over the company. He made decisions knowing he have nothing to lose. 

When Emily ended up at a party, that she didn't want to be at, thrown by Everett himself. She have an awkward encounter with him.

Two teenagers, both struggling to figure out who they really are- reaches out for one another, but if you are broken..How are you suppose to help someone who's broken as well?

Due to some content of violence, underage drinking and smoking..this book has been themed Mature.