Arranged Marriage With The Uchiha (Sasuke Love Story)

Arranged Marriage With The Uchiha (Sasuke Love Story)

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うちはミサ (Uchiha Misa) By Misa_Uchiha Updated Jun 08, 2016

Midori's always had a love-hate relationship with Sasuke Uchiha. Ever since the two were little, they could constantly be seen arguing and playing with each other. They were each other's best friends, and greatest rivals. She had assumed that they would always stay that way, until a fateful visit to a certain Uzumaki Hokage. Will she be able to handle belonging to the arrogant duck? Or will their relationship be ruined forever?

Who knows how an arranged marriage to the Uchiha will turn out.

Plot Description By: nerd4eternity
Cover By: IzayaKibaRyujiFREAK

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R0yalRav3nFr0st R0yalRav3nFr0st Dec 03, 2017
Knowing sasuke if he doesn’t find ya interesting then he would be friends with you, un
ClarieRoss ClarieRoss Dec 23, 2016
I agree with that... close friends just can't be in relationship
CoffinGorl CoffinGorl Jun 06, 2016
But Naruto as a genin probably would've just walked straight past them and up the wall singing "Hickory Dickory Dock,  The ninja ran up the wall." And sasuke would like,  pop up and scowl the end:  "The ninja fell down,  he looks like a clown,  hickory dickory dock (=_=)"
Agentcalypsoqueen Agentcalypsoqueen Aug 31, 2014
Update ASAP, something tells me it will be funny and awesome:)!