Kehlani || Urban || Completed || Editing Soon

Kehlani || Urban || Completed || Editing Soon

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Vee ❤️ By VidaWrites Completed

She has never been normal. Her life always goes from good to bad in a matter of seconds. Let's see the ups and downs in her life now , trust me they won't all be good nor will they all be bad.

All events in this story is fictional. The names, people, and some places aren't real and aren't real people. This book is for enjoyment and reading purposes only. The events that take place in this story did not really happen in the place it resides, and these people do not actually exist. The book will have mistakes because I am not perfect and it will be edited sometime after the book is completed.

Do not try to steal this story or make it your own thanks xoxoxo
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BrittneeVincent BrittneeVincent Jul 11, 2016
That was the game . Niggas know when we drunk we wanna have sex . He knew she was gone want him to stay
c_murdaa_luv c_murdaa_luv Jan 23, 2016
Lol I thought bash and Sebastian were two different people...I'm tripping.😲
Undizcovered Undizcovered May 01, 2015
I was thinking of Sebastian from SD, but I remembered his girlfriend had another name...I think.
CallMeNae_ CallMeNae_ Dec 06, 2014
Yes, Tink! I love her songs it's always about something relatable.
Prettykera_ Prettykera_ Oct 13, 2014
Boys with attitude oh lawddd they be so attractive but they got be funny too
naaaaa819 naaaaa819 Oct 06, 2014
I like boys with attitudes too but then they also have a goofy side to them